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Protected: It’s Broke But It Still Works

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Checklist 2

It’s the week before school starts up again, and this will affect my plans a bit.

1. Type pages 51-65

2. Wrap up my internship (exit paper and nail down about the job shadow).

3. Talk to a university advisor about my GPA vs. Attempted Credits grad curve, and finandial aide. Decide whether finishing college is feasable.

4. Write up my radio work checklist for emergencies.

5. Finish HTWAS.

6. Web work 3-9. (Refers to building my website!)

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Checklist 1

January 2012, the┬ásecond week. I’m posting on Wednesday. In my brain the weeks run through the middle of Sunday afternoon.

Here we go:

1. Finish moving furniture. This is so I can type at a table instead of on my couch; it’s messing with my shoulders.

2. Type pages 41-50.

3. Revisit HTTS lessons one and two.

4. Finish HTWAS lesson two.

5. In the next two weeks: get my printer fixed, or another printer up and running.

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