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Hey everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. The universe has gone crazy, again, as usual. This time, though, it’s me stuck at home with double pneumonia. Less than fun, I’ll tell ya. If you have a cold that won’t go away, PLEASE have a doctor check you. I thought my doctor was going to say, “Why do you keep coming in with these little colds? Take two [cold medicine of choice] and come back when you’re bleeding.”

He didn’t. He said, “Well, your one lung sounds pretty solid, and the other’s not much better. You definitely have pneumonia, and I’m going to give you a breathing treatment right now, and then you’re going down to X-ray and we’ll see just how far that infection has spread. And when you get home, you go to bed and stay there as much as possible, and drink a lot of fluids.”

I’m not sure if I’d rather have had him say to come back bloody, but I’m glad I went.  First, it means that with medication I can breathe a little better for the first time in three weeks.

It also means that I’m in bed for a while, resting.

What, oh what, could a writer POSSIBLY find to do while confined to a single room? 😀

Those of you who are acquainted with Holly Lisle’s course boards may know that I’ve been revising my very first novel and am deep in the land of finding what ails the manuscript (which is nearly everything). I think I’m going to marathon revise today! I’ll drop a few updates on Twitter (@Danzierlea is me!) and round the day out with a final check-in here. The novel is short–some sixty pages, and I’m on page twenty-three–so with a little luck I should get a significant distance into the revision today. Wish me luck, and off I go!


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