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Hi everyone.

This is a tough, touchy topic, but I need to work through it.

Holly Lisle wrote a pair of posts about the Apple iBook Author software–the first looking at what was wrong with the EULA (you-la, End User License Agreement–basically, the contract) and the second about what was wrong with her viewpoint.  Her blog is here: http://hollylisle.com/how-to-say-i-was-wrong/?awt_l=BixhE&awt_m=JmUU.wpfhm.TgP

I read through that, and I found my problem.

This was an issue that someone outside the HTTS/HTRYN group on Twitter brought up to me. I read the related article, read the comments, and passed along the link because what I’d seen made sense and was supported. Holly had kindly returned my follow on Twitter, so it’s easy for me to assume that Holly’s misstep is my fault–that I pushed her.

It’s possible.

But Holly is a smart person. She doesn’t rant on things that she doesn’t investigate, and she doesn’t take other people’s opinions or research as canon. She does her own research, and she makes up her own mind.

I didn’t.

I passed on a link without looking deeper into the issue or into the writer who posted the linked info. I trusted his presented credits without research; I didn’t read the material he quoted for myself; I didn’t read other entries in his blog to see if he had a record of being irresponsible with his reccommendations.

I broke one of my cardinal rules, and I didn’t even notice I’d done so until after I’d read Holly’s retraction. The rule is, “Think for yourself.” And I didn’t. I did a minimum of research, trusted others’ thoughts, and passed on what could have turned into a terribly damaging smear campeign without so much as a “what if he’s wrong?”

He was. I was. And I can’t help feeling that if I had stuck to my guns and my brains, Holly wouldn’t be.

Lesson in action: when you screw up, admit it. I pushed Humpty Dumpty. I was wrong.

Lesson in action: Think for yourself. I’ve let my thinking get sloppy and lazy. I haven’t bothered to think further in a lot of areas–not just here, but in all sorts of places in my life. I’ve become reactionary instead of considered. I’ve let other people’s thoughts and opinions rule my actions and decisions. I’ve based an embarrasingly huge chunk of my life on whether x action will make y person angry or upset or happy.

It’s time to fix that.

It’s gonna hurt, but sugery does.

I’m sorry, Holly.


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